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Shalawat Nariyah

Shaykh Muhammad bin Jamil Zainu said: "Shalawat Nariyah quite popular in many circles and there who believe that people who can read as much as 4444 times with the intention of eliminating the difficulties or intent in order to fulfill the needs would be met. This is a false allegation and no arguments at all. What's more if you know the contents and watch the kesyirikan openly in it. Here is the sound of these blessings: "

اللهم صل صلاة كاملة وسلم سلاما تاما على سيدنا محمد الذي تنحل به العقد وتنفرج به الكرب وتقضى به الحوائج وتنال به الرغائب وحسن الخواتيم ويستسقى الغمام بوجهه الكريم وعلى آله وصحبه عدد كل معلوم لك

Cor sholli sholaatan kaamilatan sallim salaaman taaman Wa 'ala sayyidinaa Muhammadin Alladzi tanhallu bihil' uqadu, tanfariju bihil kurabu wa, wa tuqdhaa bihil hawaa'iju tunaalu bihir raghaa'ibu Wa wa wa Husnul khawaatimi yustasqal ghomaamu wajhihil kariimi bi, wa 'alaa aalihi, wa shahbihi 'Adada kulli ma'luumin laka


"O God, Pour the perfect compliment as well as fully safety, To our leader Muhammad, Who with because he ties (in the liver) into a biodegradable, thanks to his various difficulties to disappear, various requirements to be met, and with relief because he Also all hope is achieved, so it is a good end of life is obtained, Various heartsick should prompt relief and a way out by firing his glorious, hope of salvation is also devoted to his family, and all his friends as much as people who you know the amount. "

Shaikh said:

"Verily Tawheed Aqeedah called by Al-Qur'an Al Karim and taught to us by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to oblige every Muslim to believe that God alone the power to release the bonds in your heart, get rid of trouble-trouble, meet all kinds of needs and provide request of the person being asked to Him. Therefore a Muslim should not pray to other than Allah for the sake of eliminating pain or cure the illness, although he called the angel of the messenger or prophet is near (to Allah). This Qur'an has denied doing better pray to God other than the apostles or the saints. Allah says which means:

أولئك الذين يدعون يبتغون إلى ربهم الوسيلة أيهم أقرب ويرجون رحمته ويخافون عذابه إن عذاب ربك كان محذورا

"Even god they invoke (besides God) is actually seeking closeness to their Lord himself by taking obedience so that they grew closer to Him and they were hoping to His mercy and fear His punishment. Indeed Rabbmu punishment is something to be feared. "(Surat Al-Israa ': 57). The scholars say that the interpretation of this verse was revealed concerning the people who pray to Jesus Christ or worship angels or jinn devout (as narrated by Ibn Kathir). "

He continued his explanation:

"How do Apostle sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam can feel pleasure when he said as a person who could release the bonds of the liver and can eliminate a variety of distress when the Qur'an alone had commanded him to say about himself:

قل لا أملك لنفسي نفعا ولا ضرا إلا ما شاء الله ولو كنت أعلم الغيب لاستكثرت من الخير وما مسني السوء إن أنا إلا نذير وبشير لقوم يؤمنون

"Say: I have no power over the benefits and madharat for myself except to the extent of what God wills. If I did know the things unseen and I will multiply the good and no bad things that will happen. Actually I was just a warner and glad tidings to those who believe. "(Surat Al-A'raaf)

At one time there was someone yag came to the Apostle sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and said: "By the will of God and your will, O Messenger", so he was rebuked by saying, "Do you want to make me as an ally for God? Say: By the will of God alone. "Nidd or ally means: matsiil wa syariik (similar and colleagues) (Narrated by Nasa'i with a hasan chain)

He went on longer explanation:

"If we replace the word bihi (به) (with cause he) with bihaa (بها) (with cause shalawat) then surely its meaning will be completely without the need to provide numbers limit as mentioned earlier. So reading becomes like this:

اللهم صل صلاة كاملة وسلم سلاما تاما على سيدنا محمد التي تحل بها العقد

Cor sholli sholaatan kaamilatan sallim salaaman taamman wa 'ala sayyidinaa Muhammadin Allati tuhillu bihal' uqadu (meaning the bond because the liver becomes detached shalawat)

That's because reading blessings on the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is worship that can be used as a means to apply bertawassul released from sorrow and distress. Why are we reading this heresy that only blessings came from ordinary beings as our words and instead left the habit of reading shalawat Ibrahimiyah (that is what we usually read in the prayers, important life) derived from the sayings of the Prophet which Ma'shum? "

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